Sara Lazzaro: Seeking fot Godot (English )

Sara Lazzaro: Seeking fot Godot (English )


“I feel like both Alice and the White Rabbit were part of me. I always say – Oh God! Where am I? Wonderful! – and then – I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!“.

While saying these words, Sara has her big blue eyes wide open. You can see purity shine through them: seems like she is always looking at the world in a passionate, amazed and poetry way. She turned her life into a daring adventure, that tells about her brave and creative choices. 

We were in Venice Beach, LA, when we first met.

I clearly remember that night: I was totally captured by this young woman, playing with her voice.

There was a white, longhair cat, framed in the darkness of the window, looking at the people and the traffic outside. Sara turned him into a young, bored Holden Caulfield, wrapped in a white cloak, in detached contemplation of the world, totally lost in his “spleen“; just using her voice.

Seraphic and comical.

I remember the magic that Sara created. Seems like she can easily turned everyday life in a personal acting performance, just feeling the moment. 

Poetry that makes daily life extra-ordinary and eternal.

We couldn’t stop laughing in that room and I remember myself thinking: “She is going to be a great actress”.

After that moment, I’ve followed her steps behind a screen till today, when we meet for our photoshooting in Venice. 

We run through styling and posing till the time she has to rush to the Venice Film Festival, where she is honored to receive the Glass Lion, for the best new young actress.

Sara studied at the Drama Center of London (that also Colin Firth, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy and Emilia Clarke experienced ).

From those years to the Hollywood production “The Young Messiah”, she also worked with Paolo Sorrentino in “The Young Pope” and in the Rai ProductionIn arte Nino”, based on the Nino Manfredi’s life, with the italian actor Elio Germano, Cannes Film Festival and David di Donatello winner.

Her Mary in “The Young Messiah” is deep, emotional and real.

Following her instinct, she decided to not focused on the ethereal side of the character, she couldn’t feel, giving to us a new and brave portrait of this huge historical figure.

Sara is a bilingual globe trotter. She lives between New York, Los Angeles, London and Italy, working in both cinema and theatre (she did a beautiful work in the Carlo GoldoniLe Donne Gelose”, a Piccolo Teatro di Milano Production ).

I don’t want any bond. I know it’s like living half-life, but it’s the only way I feel. My friends always tell me I’m timeless”. 

Maybe this is the reason why she is still looking like a little girl. You can’t see any age on her face despite she is living a life full of moments.

Sara is always taking care about her time, she doesn’t wont to waste it.

I live in the flow. I always feel like everything is changing but I don’t know how”.

She could explore the concept of time in the last Paris Fashion Week (SS18 ), performing the Samuel BeckettCome and go” in the Geoffrey B. Small’s fashion show.

It was more then a performance for Sara, it was an happening, a moment with a taste and a scent that she will never forget.

There was a silence as deep as unusual for a fashion show, that gifted to actors, models and audience a unique experience full of magic. Fashion and Theater blending together in the same space/time where both have found strength in each other through a coexistence.

Sara has never been involved in fashion, a “creature that doesn’t belong to me”.

Beckett’s characters are trapped in a passive life-non-life, spent waiting for something to happen, for someone who save them from a philosophical and social nihilism.

Waiting for a Godot they don’t even know, their just still living life waiting for a “better tomorrow” that can never happen because there’s no action.


Sara think about the no-time, no-identity Beckett’s scene as what she calls “iceberg”: we can see the world behind the characters; an archetypical world that we can feel and recognize. Maybe we also try to imagine a life for them.

This is what Beckett does: he hits us with the reality, he encourage us to be the real owner of our life, to make it special in our way: the only one to be happy.

Showing us who lives waiting for Godot, he ironically pushes us to seek for him, for what makes us feel alive and full of meaning.

Sarah pursues her Godot with such poetry and uniqueness that she holds tight, not falling in banality that nowadays asks us to be all the same, in the name of a easy-fake success.

Sara is a free soul traveling the world, but there’s a place that is always calling for her in the most special times of her life: the sensual and decadent Venice. 

This is the reason why we decided to realize our photoshooting in an historical Mansion on the Canal Grande, just in front of the house of Peggy Guggenheim, the ultimate patron of the contemporary art.

In her “Out of This Century: Confessions of an Art Addict”, we can understand what a “patron” really is: a person who feels the responsibility to do anything possibile to support art and artists; and who decide to act in this way.

We talking about Peggy’s life, about the fact she was having tea with Ernst, Duchamp, Lorca or Dalì. Sara consider how different kind of artists are always looking for each others, just because the need to be part of a way of life they understand, to share experiences and be part of. Because they feel they have to.

They are all witness and makers of the same time/society/world. 

Making history while having tea without know it.

I wonder if someone will talk about us someday”.

“Us” is whoever always seeking for his Godot. 

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett


Foto e Testi: The Sublimista
Talent: Sara Lazzaro – NCE Italiana
Make Up & Hair: Eva Mardhaja
Courtesy Styling: Guitar Press Milano
Set Assistants: Filippo Ciappi e Daniela Damonte



GENNY  A/I 17-18 Giacca bianca con spalle in strass (Jewel Show )



STEFANO DE LELLIS  A/I 17-18 Soprabito nero con applicazione strass sulle maniche


SPACE STYLECONCEPT  A/I 17-18 Camicia bianca con volant su fondo

WHITE SIVIGLIA  Pantalone nero gessato con cintura velluto




MES DEMOISELLES Paris A/I 17-18 Camicia righe multicolor (Stanford Multicolor Stripes ), Pantalone gessato bordeaux (Oxford Multicolor Stripes )


GILBERTO CALZOLARI A/I 17-18 Pellicciotto corto bianco

GIORGIO ARMANI Blusa in raso di seta


AMERICAN VINTAGE A/I 17-18  Cardigan cammello (Noisette )





MANGANO A/I 17-18 Abito rosso con inserto in rete


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